Le isole Marchesi sono forti e selvagge, sperdute nell’angolo più remoto della terra. Questo mondo appartiene al passato, dove lo spirito degli antichi mao’hi vive ancora oggi. Le isole si stagliano con vette acuminate quasi a difesa dell’Oceano Pacifico. Perfino oggi alcune isole restano incontaminate e invariate rispetto all’epoca degli esploratori europei. Conosciute come Henua Enana (“la Terra degli Uomini“), l’isolamento delle Marchesi ha creato una stirpe di gente forte dal grande orgoglio e dalla cultura affascinante.

Day 1: Discover the Land of Men

The marquesan language is unique to The Islands of Tahiti.The lilting dialect reflects the ancient Polynesian tongue of ma’ohi, the original island settlers. Natural wonders abound as 1.000-foot (305-meter) waterfalls cascade down volcanic cliffs, and towering mountains disappear into the clouds.

  • Venture into the tropical forests by horseback
  • Journey to the archaeological sites of stone tiki, ancient dwellings, and petroglyphs
  • Lounge in the peaceful ambience or indulge the delicious cuisine of the simple, yet elegant lodges set within the hillsides overlooking the bays
  • Shop for carving tapa cloth, and sculptures in tiny studios and craft centers


Day 2: Feel the Mana on the Land of Men in Nuku Hiva

  • Drive from the airport to Taiohae village, between mountains and valleys, cold atmosphere and a wild nature sprinkled with horses, bulls, goats and luxuriant vegetation
  • Admire panoramic views on the Grand Canyon, green valleys and atypic bays
  • Visit the village of Taiohae with its handicraf center where you could find local products made by some renowed artisans ; its local market where you could taste the generolsity from nature : honey, mangos, monoï oil owned of the island ; its pictureque cathedral with the Place Rouge at the entry, the wood sculptures representing biblic characters on the posts and walls; its reconstituated archeological site at the seafront with its stone sculptures setted on different places
  • Visit the famous ancestral sites of Hikokua and Kamuihei with its gigantic banyan, its big paepae, former plateform made of flat and large stones
  • Ride by horse on the Toovii Plateau and breathe pure air
  • Discover the Island by the sea from the wharf of Taiohae to Hakatea and Hakaui bays, admire its dizzy cliffs, brave winds and seas before anchoring in these peaceful and preseved part Nuku Hiva
  • Encounter local people and appreciate their authentic and spontaneous generosity
  • Feel the effervescence at the landing of the cargo mixte Aranui 5 at the Grand wharf


Day 3: On the track of Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel in Hiva Oa

  • Visit both cultural centers dedicated to these famous French artists as well as the cemetery where their souls found peace and beatitude
  • Visit the archelogicals sites of Puamau with its hightest tiki (statue) of the Marquesas Islands, I’ipona ; Upeke and its marae
  • Discover by 4WD the Hanapaaoa bay, Taaoa and Atuona valleys, where one guide will share with you, their historys, their secrets and legends
  • Attend to a religious ceremony in one churches, feel the fervour of the adepts and listen to their traditionnal songs
  • Admire the panoramic view of Tapeata, encounter local people in Hanaiapa and Nahoe villages
  • Taste local cuisine and healthy specialities of the Island


Day 4: Tahuata, the monoï Island

  • Visit of Vaitahu village, its church for which the construction has been taken in charge by the Vatican ; its valley and archeological sites ; its small and historic wharf
  • Discover Hapatoni main village, its « Royal Road » cobblestone from the 19th century and its me’a, former plateform made of flat and large stones
  • Take sunbaths at one of the rare white sand beaches of the Marquesas Islands, at Hana Moena, Ivaiva Nui and Ivaiva Iti bays
  • Appreciate the dexterity of local artisans throught their products exposed at the handicraft centers of the island : bone and wood sculptures are their speciality
  • Attend to a monoï preparation and let bewitch yourself with its parfum and texture