C3P (Polynesian Center of Flying Improvment)

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  • Zone Nord Aéroport International Tahiti Faa'a

Benvenuti a C3P (Polynesian Center of Flying Improvment)

The “ Polynesian Center of Flying Improvement C3P”, a flight school based at the Tahiti-Faa’a airport, offers a wide range of aviation-oriented activities specifically dedicated to people spending time in French Polynesia.

Our team of flight instructors will guide you through many activities. They speak fluent English and will exceed your expectations taking into account your requests, schedule, priorities… We offer a customized experience. No prior flight experience is required to fully enjoy our packages and discovery flights !

Try our DISCOVERY FLIGHTS from Tahiti or Moorea  : take control of the airplane and be the pilot !

A briefing and a flight with a flight instructor to enjoy taking controls of a plane. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and views from the air !


Possibility of making an aerobatics discovery flight on the EXTRA 200 : FULL ADRENALINE !

C3P is still innovating, offering you not only the chance to discover aerobatics exclusively at 5000 kilometers but also by using the best-performing two-seater aerobatic training aircraft on the market!
Star of the podiums of the two-seater aerobatic championships all over the world, the Extra 200 is an aerobatic aircraft of German design, able to undergo positive and negative accelerations reaching 10g, ten times your weight.
For connoisseurs, its roll rate reaches 360 ° / sec, a turn on itself every second!

Stéphane Chantre, international aerobatics competitor, a former member of the French Air Aerobatics Team as well as the Air Force Aerobatic Team, supervises flights on this exceptional aircraft.

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